We’re currently offerring a discount of getting two puppies at $1000, Be sure to take advantage of this offer


Our Service

We breed and train rottweiler puppies in the best of ways to be delivered to their new owners.

We Help You Choose Right

Finding the perfect puppy doesn’t have to be full of mystery or compromise. Reach out to us and we’ll be ready to help.

Our Puppies

Our Rottweiler puppies are simply the best. Blessed with great genes and excellent upbringing, we’re sure to serve you the best

Our Prices

Each Of our pups cost $650, making it comfortable and easy on the pocket for you to own a new rottweiler pet

Royal Rottweilers

Our Distinguishing Factors

Our Royal Rottweilers are the absolute best because they're born and treated with love. When purchasing a pet from us, you're assured to receive only the best


These dogs are also a part of our family. Either retired from our kennel or preparing to enter our breeding program.

Healthy Puppies

These puppies are carefully looked after, seen by a vet and made sure to be of excellent health

Return Guarantee

We offer a thirty day period return or exchange for our puppies. In case you change you mind or anything goes wrong

Available Puppies

we are currently accepting deposits for our next badge of litters. Hence we never run out of puppies to send our customers

Details About Rottweiler Puppies

size, Proportion and substance of rottweilers

Dogs–24 inches to 27 inches. Bitches–22 inches to 25 inches, with preferred size being mid-range of each sex. Correct proportion is of primary importance, as long as size is within the standard’s range.

The length of body, from prosternum to the rearmost projection of the rump, is slightly longer than the height of the dog at the withers, the most desirable proportion of the height to length being 9 to 10. The Rottweiler is neither coarse nor shelly. Depth of chest is approximately fifty percent (50%) of the height of the dog. His bone and muscle mass must be sufficient to balance his frame, giving a compact and very powerful appearance.

Serious Faults–Lack of proportion, undersized, oversized, reversal of sex characteristics (bitchy dogs, doggy bitches)

The breed standard for the Rottweiler calls for it to be compact, muscular, with a medium to large body that enable him to efficiently do what he was bred to do; pull carts, herd stock for the farmer, and assist the policemen in their quest to “catch the bad guy”.

The Rottweiler has a short, docked tail and the only acceptable color is solid black base color with rust to tan markings. A Rottweiler must be calm, confident, courageous, but not unduly aggressive. Although many people fear this working animal, he’s very gentle and devoted to his family.

The ideal Rottweiler is a medium large, robust and powerful dog, black with clearly defined rust markings. His compact and substantial build denotes great strength, agility and endurance. Dogs are characteristically more massive throughout with larger frame and heavier bone than bitches. Bitches are distinctly feminine, but without weakness of substance or structure.

Royal Rottweiler Puppies


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